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    May 18, 1999

The first section of on-line ordering is up. Before adding too many new items, I'll fill in most of the remaining blank pages.

May 13, 1999

'Got a note today that my on-line ordering may be hooked up now.I'll run some tests to see if everything is OK and hopefully by monday the system will be GO.


    April 19, 1999

I've been informed that the service I arranged to use for on-line ordering is being upgraded, during which time, new products can not be added to the system. This upgrading may take until the late spring or maybe the early summer. Until that time, I'll have to do with mail orders only. I will probably add some blank forms and perhaps use JavaScript to semi-automate the product price list to generate a printable purchase order.

April 13, 1999

Nearly all descriptions of the ADC fonts are in place. Before the end of this week the prices and the order forms will be installed as well.

April 7, 1999

I am starting to install the
product line description pages. Hope to have at least the ADC fonts installed by April 11. Shortly after that the first on-line ordering will be added to those pages.

March 30, 1999

Only now the first group of
free downloads is set up. Also, the legal notices were reviewed and installed.

March 24, 1999

If you arrived on this site and keep finding bad links, please do not flame me. The site is not being announced yet; the links will be filled in; just bookmark it and come back in a week or so. By then most of the pages will be fully active.

I am transferring pages form a couple of our old sites that are closing with the start of Since each was designed in a different style, it takes a little time to convert them for the new home.

Each page is dated as it is posted or updated. The homepage is dated each time anything on this site is updated. This, the webmaster page, will show the record of updates and changes on this site.

The tentative schedule for installation of pages is as follows:
  • the pages with free downloads will probably be installed first,
  • those will be followed by the policies, the main topics, and "about" pages,
  • next we will set-up shop - possibly on Monday the 29th,
  • indexes, the map, and links to the outside world will be left to the very end; partially these will be created along the way.

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