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Before downloading anything, you must read and accept the End User Licence Agreement.

If you want to print your own bar codes, if you are tired of paying others to print bar codes for you, if you want to know how the bar codes are encoded, we'll help you, we'll show you how . . .

  ADC Fonts

MCType products may be easily classified in three main categories: ADC fonts, all other fonts, and label templates for MS Word and Corel WordPerfect wordprocessors.

MCType fonts are offered in both, the TrueType and the Postscript formats. Our line of ADC fonts offers a wide range of bar code symbologies and optical character recognition types. We also provide human readable fonts with special characters required in Trading Partner Labels systems.

The bar code symbologies represented in our fonts include: Code 3 of 9 (regular and extended), Code 93 (regular and extended), Code 128 (A, B, and C), Code Standard 2 of 5, Code Industrial 2 of 5, Code Interleaved 2 of 5, all UCC/EAN symbols (s.a. EAN-13, EAN-8, UPC A, UPC E, all with optional two-digit and five-digit extensions), Codabar, Code MSI, Code Plessey, Code 11 and Code Matrix 2 of 5, Postnet and FIM Marks, and the 4-State Code.

The ADC fonts are sold in individual symbology packages and in packages of several symbologies at a time (assembled by their application). Most symbology packages are prepared in several bar heights. You may freely evaluate most of these fonts by downloading the trial packages.

All the fonts and templates packages are currently used under Windows. The Mac versions will be added by the end of summer 1999. Through the
Services section you may also order a customised version of any one of our products.

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Label Templates

The label templates are designed for specific Trading Partner Labels and Tags. They are created for use with wordprocessors such as the MS Word or the Corel WordPerfect. To create a series of labels at a time, these forms may be merged with data from a spreadsheet, a database, or a plain text file.

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Other Fonts

The remaining fonts include, among others, a large selection of calligraphic and script types. This includes all the fonts created just for fun or for some other equally important reason, which we distribute through our free things section.

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Some files are compressed in ZIP format. You may get a utility to handle ZIPed files from PKWARE Web site by clicking on this icon:
To get an Adobe Acrobat Reader from Adobe Web site click on its icon:


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